Abracadabra- I create what I speak.

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Things happen in life so that we can grow. Whenever I find myself being too comfortable or complacent I can always depend on something to go wrong. This is a sign telling me to move on here, “there’s no room for growth.” Everything in life can be summed up to a blessing or a lesson. I try to find both in all experiences. I am stuck between two worlds. One believing that you are the creator of all things possible and the other believing that we have some preordained fate that was set forth for us. I believe we all have a purpose that is clear, but our paths and how we choose to get there are our own. Some people never reach the extent of their full potential. Everyone sums that excuse up to “life,” “life got in the way.” Who is this life? I don’t want to meet him, he sounds rude and intrusive. I hope I never get the pleasure of meeting that life. The only life I want to know is one of joy and with no regret.


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