D.I.Y. Ladies

I have personally tried this look and I love it! No products necessary, just some straws, aluminium foil, and a hot iron. I do however recommend leaving them in for a few hours. Also, I find the less you do the fuller it looks. Good luck! & I will be doing my hair sometime this week when I do I will post the results as well.

This is just one example as to how a scarf can be turned into something else. In this case it is a romper, but I have seen it turned into everything from a crop top, vest, dress, skirt, to halter top. Check it out on YouTube I am sure a bunch of videos will pop up!

Again, I wouldn’t recommend something that I haven’t tried myself. I have a pair of these at my mother’s house that I made out of old jeans that were stained up. The mistake I made was not washing them after. I decided to let them air dry and in result walked around smelling like bleach all day! Do not make the same mistake!


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