Le Petit Prince| Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

eat read travel. repeat.

So I just finished watching the movie The Little Prince. Yeah. I know. I’m a bit late. I’ve been hearing this movie all over the news program that our cafeteria tunes into, France24. Yep. It’s Africa and we watch French News Program.

I read this book 10 years ago. I’m not sure if it was on my first or third year in Highschool. And I’m not even sure now if it’s a reading assignment or what. But I can remember our English teacher lending us a copy of the book. She also shared that she gives it as a gift to her friends. I also tried giving this book as a gift.

The book is 180 pesos in the Philippines. The English version. But I can’t remember buying it for myself. I have the French version though. I bought it in a bookstore in Dakar last year. It costs 4000…

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