Obvious- Daily Prompt (1st attempt)


captain-obviousThis is my first daily prompt attempt. I do not have an established essay more so random thoughts and feelings on the word. I am just trying to get a feel of how all this works. I do appreciate all and any feedback as I am new to the blogging world!


The things people deem obvious usually are not. To look in on one’s life and presume things to be obvious when you don’t share the same perceptive as them is a form of ignorance.  Often in times I hear people speak on others relationships saying things like… “he or she is obviously cheating.” How is that obvious of one who can’t step outside of their self to see, to whom wear a blind eye to, and see their lover in different light?  Who is to blame? The naive soul, the pessimistic spectators, or the wolf in sheep’s clothing? Was your silent cry obvious to people, was the smiling mask convincing, or are you obviously missing the point?

To assume that something is obvious is to assume that other people see it too…

It can be condescending.



easily seen, recognized, or understood; open to view or knowledge ;evident:



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