Inspiring Traveler Interview- Liliia from Bring Baby Abroad


Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat.

This one is for all you parents out there…

Today I’m happy to be interviewing Liliia deCos, who has a great blog about her family’s travels around the world with their baby in tow. Her blog serves as an inspiration for all the parents out there who might feel like they are unable to travel with their children.

You can read more about her family’s adventures at

You can also follow their adventures on Instagram @backpacking_baby

Hi, Liliia! Thank you so much for speaking with me today. I really enjoy reading about your family’s adventures on your blog. Tell me a little more about yourself and what your blog is about.

What inspired you to start writing this blog?

1 While there is no shortage of travel blogs we had a lot of trouble finding information on traveling with a baby in less common destinations.  While there were several reasons…

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