Notes On: 279 days to overnight success by Chris Guillebeau Pt.1: PGs 1-39

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Part One:

The Basics

  • Start with the best design you possibly can
  • Spend at least three months creating initial content before hitting the publish button.
  • Decide on a clear publishing schedule.
  • World Domination Strategy
  • Create a Compelling Story Be Remarkable
  • Clearly Answer the “Reason Why”
  • Prioritize Writing and Marketing Over Everything Else
  • Be Bigger than I Really Am –
    • Media Coverage: “It’s important to remember that an internet link is essentially an endorsement.” (ea. New York Times)
    • Site Reviews: In addition to the invaluable advice, having a professional review done for you sends a signal that you are serious about your site. (ea. Chris Garrett and Men with Pens)
  • Build Long-Lasting Relationships: (ea. Twitter, LinkedIn) Tell the world via Facebook, word of mouth or etc…, Strategic Guest Posting, Answer Every Email from Readers
  • Carefully Introduce Products and Services

The 1k Words Requirement. (optional) This is a self requirement he imposed on himself to write at least 1,000 words with each post. I believe that a post that gets right to the point and delivers the message clearly no matter what the length is more desirable. I love a good research piece, but when it comes to a opinionated essay I rather it sound personal than academic.

The 5 Marketing Actions. (He says 5, but there are 6 actions listed)

  1. Publishing a “Daily Ass-Kicking,” passing on good information, and otherwise connecting with people through Twitter
  2. Sending out review copies of my products and manifestos
  3. Reaching out to other experts, colleagues, and readers
  4. Scheduling and outlining a product launch
  5. Writing my affiliates to discuss their marketing efforts
  6. Building relationships with journalists — perhaps through Peter Shankman’s Help a Reporter Out service or people I already know

…to be continued…


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