Midnight in Paris (movies ft. Art) / Big Eyes

midnight-in-paris_2A Midnight in Paris, is a delightfully informative movie about a man who is a struggling screenwriter feeling nostalgic. Gil Pender (Owen Wilson), believes that if he was born in an earlier life that he would have been different, preferably Paris in the 20’s, describing that as being the “Golden Ages.” The message behind it is a powerful one, the time is now. It showed younger Picasso in his promiscuous ways, Hemingway as a drunken opinionated man looking for a fight, and Zelda & Scott Fitzgerald’s in a bar. All pioneers of their time living as normal people.


(Below) In this particular scene Gil & his wife are in the Musee Rodin (Rodin Museum) with his wife’s friend and her husband (whom Gil calls a pseudo-intellectual). Gil schools him on the interpretation of a Picasso piece. One of my favorite parts of the movie.

Big Eyes: 

I haven’t seen this yet, but I’m itching to. It is based off of a true story about a woman who’s husband stole her artwork and passed it off as his own while she was suffering a mental breakdown. Her works, Big Eyes, are self-explanatory, all the subjects drawn in these works have big eyes. I have seen one in person, it is amazing!



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