Writer’s Block or what have you..

Imagination and Fairytales: Good or Bad (part 2)I sit here and think to myself “I haven’t wrote anything original in weeks.” I want to write, I want to have something to say, but the truth is I don’t. call it writers block or what have you, I just haven’t been in the space to write. Correction, I have written some things, not worth posting. I am trying to find inspiration, I have no desire to be normal, I want to write something out of this world. Not literally, no sci-fi madness (no offense), but something so different that it will change the way people think about life. After watching so many movies and reading enough books I have noticed reoccurring themes and plots upon many occasions and being that predictable bothers me.

Elderly People Look At Their Younger Reflections In This Beautiful ...I struggle with the “what makes you, YOU ,” part. Although, I long to be different am I destined to be the same. Am I already condition to that mindset? Have I lost my childlike imagination? I feel like I grew up overnight, it happens just like that. One day you are talking about “when I grow up…” and the next day its “when I was younger…” Life is funny like that. I haven’t given up hope. I will continue in search of my angle and inspiration in any and everything I do. Wish me Luck !


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