Heart-Break Hotel (old poem)

This poem is about a woman whom was trying to turn a “hoe into a house wife(husband)” hence the hotel vs. home metaphor. No double standards here, it applies to men too. Although, she knew he was a “dog,” she gave him the benefit of the doubt and had faith that he would do the right thing. Needless to say, he didn’t. Despite their relationship’s downfall it still truly meant something to her and she had thought that he felt the same way. It wasn’t until she left did he realize what he had, by then it was too late…she moved on!


For the love of me,

I’m trying to find the love in you,

but if the love in you for me does not exist then what am I to do?

down deep in your soul I know the love for me lies,

under all the repressed, assorted, torn, memories lie,

stored inside a closet in the heart-break hotel,

there’s a love for me there tucked away on a shelf.

at the end of the day that hotel is still not a home,

more so a temporary resting spot for the confused lovers trying to fight the fear of being alone,

a sacred spot just for US freely others would roam.

To me this was not just a hotel you opened my home,

im hurt and I’m mad because like a secret this was meant for just us,

the place you found my insecurities and turned them to dust,

where we discovered the meaning and difference between love and lust,

our escape from the world but I guess you, her, and I were the US.

a life full of “love” for temporary satisfactions,

blind from the world you were my distraction.

awake now I still find time to look back and think about this heart-break hotel,

and my one lonely heart still there tucked away on the shelf,

but what will happen if your just not aware,

one day in search of my heart 2 find it’s no longer there?


no longer residing at the HEARTBREAK HOTEL!




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