A Break Through πŸ’ƒ

Something amazing happened last night & early this morning. I have reached a break through. Writers block over. I can not stop writing. Ideas are just flowing through my mind so fast I can’t keep up. 

I haven’t felt this inspired in a long time. I can’t explain exactly what triggered it, but I feel like establishing this blog had a lot to do with it. Since the creation of my blog one week shy of a month ago I have meet some amazing people and the networking has been great as well. So far I have learned of a site to turn blogs into books, a domain name generator for the obvious (in which I didn’t use but still useful information), and a great reference for book cover illustrations. Along with a bunch of other resourceful material I came across. 

Not only has it built confidence but it has improved my writing dramatically within a short amount of time. & I have yet to mention the best part…

 I have decided on a concept for my book. I’m so excited & will update you all on it’s progress in the near future.


38 thoughts on “A Break Through πŸ’ƒ

  1. Soul Gifts says:

    Isn’t writer’s block just the damndest thing! If all else fails, I dig into some of the jokes I save or inspirational videos to share and comment on. It works for me and they are very well received. People like to have a good laugh !

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      • Soul Gifts says:

        As the full moon influences the tides, it also influences the fluids in our body. We are after all over 90% water. How that exactly correlates to insomnia I’m not sure, but it has certainly done so for me since I was a teenager a looooong time ago! It also affects peoples’ mental state – ask any banker, shop keeper or nurse and they will tell you ! (I’m a retired nurse:) Crazy people used to be called lunatics – for a reason !

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      • sbwritingsite says:

        Wow! Interesting. I am going to read up on it. Last month I felt like there was a lot of full moons or what appeared to be full moons & in my opinion last month was cursed. Monday morning 5 a.m. Ish while on my way home I noticed it was a crescent shape; which led me back to the prior thought of “I’m surprised it’s not full, I’ve been seeing a lot of full moons lately.” Now here we are having the convo. Funny how things work out.

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      • Soul Gifts says:

        Full moon comes around every 28 days – in between it waxes and wanes. If you follow astrology at all you will notice that they refer to phases of the moon a lot – times when it is best to release old stuff, time for new beginnings etc etc Some people even plant their gardens by the phases of the moon.

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  2. Waldo "Wally" Tomosky says:

    I hope some of your enthusiasm rubs off on me. I have “semi-writers-block.” It is a condition of old age and is sometimes remedied by large doses of reading the short stories of Jorge Luis Borges.
    Thanks for the encouragement and for following my blog.

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