Struggling to find my balance

Random thoughts:

Lately I have been battling myself wondering whether I am a good person or not. I feel as though I am, but then so much bad stuff happens around me that I begin to question. Maybe I am not as positive as I think. Seeing how like energies attract one another. I wonder if there is a correlation between the two or if the bad is just inevitable. I know that there is a balance to life. I live by the whole ying & yang theory, but that theory sometimes seems flawed when the bad out weighs the good. Where is the balance in that? I am a worrier by nature, but also a warrior at heart. I have faith in myself to get through whatever may be dealt. That is not my concern. My concern is in finding my balance & gaining clarity.

to be continued…



35 thoughts on “Struggling to find my balance

  1. thoughtsnlifeblog says:

    Law of attraction..what i think i attract. Even if one doesnt feel like being positive one should. If we make a habit of changing the way we see life and believe there is good in everything..then life becones better. Our thoughts are so important, so is routine and discipline..well these are my humble thoughts.. life is on big might enjoy that blog post of mine

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    • sbwritingsite says:

      I will take a look. I’ve heard about this when I watched the secret. I also have a post about it. I am a believer, but sometimes despite how hard I try to remain positive I still find myself in compromising situations. I’ve spoken about this recently with another blogger. It is more important to learn to cope & deal with these situations rather than trying to prevent them, because it’s ultimately enviable or though it seems. I wonder though is it as complicated for everyone? Some people make it look so easy. Does the fact that I acknowledge the bad in myself & others make me any less good? (Hopefully my scattered thoughts made sense, Sorry.)

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      • thoughtsnlifeblog says:

        Makes sense.. resilience is the word. Being positive doesnt prevent things coming our way, being positive enables i to remain calm and upbeat even if life is being unfair. We cant prevent stuff but we can become robust… read my quote #17. Bruce lee one. Then i have post about a carrot , egg, or coffee.. search for it and you will click. We need to build the capactity to handle life.. i find being positive, meditating, changing my view point has helped me greatly to be fairly stable I Work on this daily as we get hit daily.. but we can also be the cause of our own pain…i know but as you experiment you will get to know yourself and it will make sense who the button pusher and why we get overwhelmed. All the best hope it all improves and it will… things come to make us better…

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      • thoughtsnlifeblog says:

        Just wanted to add… you are a good soul. To even recognise this duality in the world and in yourself make you a good and wise soul. Life at this time isnt easy for any one… but it the resillence, meditation, exercise, not overthinking, being able to see good even in difficulties that make us manage.. and it all about practicing.. i dont believe that the world has always been negative and positive. I think there was a time where it was only good .. but now we have both. I dont think pain is a normal state of play for i the soul… i have to write about this on my blog soon…

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      • sbwritingsite says:

        Thank you! I appreciate that. A world with only good sounds like utopia. One can only wish. I love conversations like this…its hopeful & validating at the same time. Much needed, thanks again.

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  2. Sandy Toes and Writer Woes says:

    I think the fact that you struggle with these thoughts makes you inherently good. I also believe in the law of attraction and you can work on this mindset for the try of your life. We all have ups and downs, peaks and troughs but it’s the curve of the zoomed out graph that matters in the long run I think. Have you tried mindfulness? I find it really helps me to stay positive and optimistic. Keep smiling 😃

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  3. Nicky M says:

    I believe you are neither good nor bad – you just are. Life can be hard when things are unbalanced, when you are tired or when you are about to have a moment of clarity. Sometimes that little nudge you feel is your soul questioning if you are on the right track or is it time for a change. Be gentle with yourself, you may be on the verge of something amazing!

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  4. Divyang Shah says:

    I want to say, if you believe in reborn. If you get some problems without any bad habits in you it may be due to some bad deeds you have done in your past life and getting its result in this life. Same way you get good results without preparing much…

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  5. Divyang Shah says:

    Rebirth means once you die you will get new birth with new life . so, for ex. You killed someone in this life and you don’t get any punishment and you died someday. Than you get a new birth at some other place where you were living with very good nature and not harming any one. But, as you have killed someone in past life you may be harmed by someone without reason…

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  6. Divyang Shah says:

    So, base for that is to don’t hurt any living being not only person and don’t hurt by body, words and not even thoughs and be patient either it’s painful time or very good time, behave in same way without any sadness or happiness. That’s our Saul’s basic nature.
    Actually we don’t need to anyone or anything to be happy. Our good nature can only give us happiness.

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  7. sbwritingsite says:

    I like that. I have never heard of Jain religion. Thank you for taking the time to explain. It sounds interesting. I am going to do some research of my own about it to gain a better understanding, in depth. But you did a great job at summing it up, thank you!


  8. Lee Poskey says:

    May I offer some good news to you?
    Don’t look to yourself to find worth. You’ll never find it.
    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour…and you’ll have the righteousness of God imputed to you.
    (Now that’s worth to be excited over).

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