My Father’s children

(Left to right: me & Lisa)

My sister & I have a thing we do when we get frustrated with our parents. The least favored parent at the time becomes your parent. At which point I would say, “Lisa get your mother,” when I am upset with her. It sounds a little mean, but trust me it is all out of love & a fun way to express our frustration. Ironically, as a child when we would do something wrong our mother would say, “you are your father’s child,” or vise versa. So in all fairness they do it too. Truth be told! OUR parents made some pretty cool kids! & although she hates when I do it, I took this beautiful picture of my sister yesterday. I don’t know why she is so hard on herself. As a younger sibling it is my rightful duty to crack jokes, but in all honesty I think she is beautiful inside & out. I just wish she could see it too.

My mother called us “Night & Day,” I always wondered why she didn’t say “Day & Night,” like which one really came first the chicken or the egg? (jokes) It’s that kind of thing. I don’t think it mattered. All I know is that we wouldn’t be one without the other. & believe me that is hard to admit, because for a long time I resented having a sister.

Although, she is older than me in age she is my baby sister in many ways. I always had to look out for her, make sure she was good, & if anything happened it was my fault. That is a lot of responsibility for a child. Through growth & life I learned that it wasn’t her I was mad at, it was HER parents (lol) & even they weren’t to blame. They too were apart of something must bigger then them. That is when I was able to let go & forgive, everyone including myself.

My father often says, “see this is why I had two girls.” As if he planned it & this was all part of his bigger scheme of things. He also had two boys (my brothers) in a prior relationship. 2 boys & 2 girls. So who knows maybe he was on to something. They are close in age as well & grew up close. We have different mothers & grew up in different towns so the four of us aren’t so close, but strangely it all worked out.

Each of us had each other.


Left to right: My father, sister, & baby me. Grams (fathers mother) my two brothers & baby Lisa.



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