Venting (feeling discouraged)

There is nothing more discouraging than someone close to you who doesn’t support your dreams. Twice tonight I have spoken with someone whom I have had to use every last shrewd of my patience with. 

As some of you may know I am planning on establishing a non-profit organization with a focus on women, children & single mothers. Originally focusing on homeless & at risk youth (that is still a goal). However since than I decided to collab with my sister merging our ideas together forming Sister 2 Sister Org. 

It is quite a process but we are finally starting to make way. We have decided to help a young lady named Lauren who we would both see on occasion collecting money in the station. I am happy about this decision & wanted to share our accomplishments with a fellow family member, just for him to turn around & say “make sure she doesn’t stab you in the throat she could be crazy for all you know.” What? (Serious face) I am in awe with the amount of ignorance in this statement. Here we are trying to do something good & yet someone has still found room to turn it into something bad. 

As if this wasn’t enough he then goes on to tell me that he thinks that I am becoming lazy, because I spend way too much time on the computer. Working on my book mind you. Besides what business is this of his? What I do with my time is my business. I don’t feel the need to defend how I choose to spend my time. If I was a weak minded individual, his rational might have made sense or I would have been led to believe that. The sad reality is that some people are so undeniably small minded that they simply do not possess the brain compacity to comprehend things of such nature. This was literally beyond him. 

Searching for the patience & understanding needed to deal with a person of this nature. 

Feeling highly annoyed & admittedly discouraged. 

– Steph B 🐝


15 thoughts on “Venting (feeling discouraged)

  1. sudershana says:

    A huge congratulations to do something for such a great cause. A great decision and yes, you need not to get discourage from the people who cannot appreciates you but makes other feel down with their words. You are doing so well, as everyone live for themselves there are few who live for others.
    Good luck

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  2. The Magpie at Midnight says:

    Stigma around homelessness and mental health is huge (comes up a lot in my day job as a researcher). As long as you think carefully about how you do what you want to do in this so that you empower ( which I’m sure you are) you are doing a great thing. Keep going. Good luck.

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    • sbwritingsite says:

      my intentions are pure. I feel strongly about each of these subjects. They relate back to me in one way or another & so I keep them close to heart. Even if I had nothing I would still try to give, because it is in my nature. That’s just who I am. For him to think that I am that naive to accept candy from a stranger so to speak or follow someone down a dark alley all in good faith is ridiculous. I understand the reality of the situation, but focusing on what can go wrong too much is often what stops us from even pursing. I can’t let it discourage me.

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  3. thoughtsnlifeblog says:

    Congratulations on your charity and your charitable acts.

    Disappoint, disgust, unabeliable… i so get those feeling. Unfortunately the world is a mixed batch and there those small minded , cautious, petty that cant see for seeing, they probably dont have many aims in life.. so they can not see the generousity and charitable nature of what you do. So , water of a duck back is what you have to be. You will get people who dont get it, but you have to let go and dont let it get side of you. Let go , move on, chuck the unhelpful feeling and move on. When one goes against social norms…one has to have tolerance and resillence..

    I cant rember the quoote or even if i selected it for this weeks quote set.. anyway… it was some thing like…. when starting on a causr, fiest you will ridiculed 2nd… i cant remember 3rd you will be accepted.

    So Steph hang in there … believe in yourself snd remind your self of the goals for the charity and book and ride the waves of unexpected comments…
    Wish you all the luck and tolerance and resillience in the world..

    Regards bella

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