Russ: what they want (music)

This may not appeal to everyone. Personally, I like a little bit of everything hence the “All Things Steph,”blog title. I couldn’t commit to just one. When it comes to music I can be a little bit country & a little bit rock & roll, or R&B, pop, rap, jazz, soft rock whichever my mood seeks fit.

I seen Russ perform last night on mtv wonderland & fell in love. So I started looking into him. After watching a couple of interviews my impression of him is that he is extremely humble & seemingly honest; which is rare for this industry. Since then I have added his Pandora station to my playlist & have been letting it rock all day. It is worth a listen to & nothing at all what you would expect. Check him out!


2 thoughts on “Russ: what they want (music)

  1. davidprosser says:

    I’ll be honest.Like you I enjoy various genres of music and a variety of artistes. The one thing they have i common usually is that I can not only understand what they’re saying, but also what the song is about. Not this time I’m afraid. Your young man had me beat.The sound is not unpleasant but I was lucky if I caught one word in three until he reached the chorus ‘What they want’.
    I’m sure we’ll both carry on listening and enjoying new things but at my age I just need something more….the sense my hearing aid isn’t playing up.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    • sbwritingsite says:

      haha I appreciate your honesty. I also love & respect the fact that you took the time to actually listen to it, despite you haven’t been able to understand only three words lol it is an acquired taste I believe, but I can only imagine it not being good for the hearing aids 🙂

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