The Baby Caterpillar 

There’s was once a baby caterpillar.

Who was afraid to grow up.

She wanted to stay a baby caterpillar forever.

The cocoon scared her.

She had a million excuses…

“It’s too dark…”

” I’m afraid of heights…”

So instead she just watched as each of her friends one by one changed into butterflies.

when the winter came she grew lonely.

All the butterflies flew to warm places.

Even the baby caterpillars out grew her,

Taking the challenge on proudly.

Why was it so hard for her to grow up?

One night after a really bad storm she was forced into the cocoon

When she finally awoke & broke free… (wah-la)

She had transformed into a beautiful butterfly!

As she soared amongst the clouds in the warmth of the sun she looked back at the little tree where she had spent most of her life..

Although it will be missed,

Her only regret is haven’t left it sooner.

Change can be scary, but growth is beautiful!

-Stephanie B🐝


22 thoughts on “The Baby Caterpillar 

  1. Alan J. Blaustein says:

    I’m still amazed at how fast the ‘Net is! Thank you for following me! I had no idea I had over 100 followers until I happened to check. Poetry, Prose and Anything Goes is non-commercial. I don’t count followers, because I have no need for statistics to present to prospective advertisers. No advertising here!

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