I need answers!?…Michael Jordan “conspiracy.”

Okay, so I need answers. I am hearing & reading all types of rumors & conspiracy theories in regards to Michael Jordan.

A.) That he has invested money into private prison systems. As well as made some type of deal that the jobs of creating the sneakers will be transformed to the imates. Imates who will only be getting $20-30 a month, 17 cents an hour for their work. Reportedly lower than the wages currently being paid to workers in Indonesia.

B.) That he has made some racial comments in regards to the black / urban  community; which is ironic (despite the obvious reasons) seeing as they take up the majority of his consumers.

C.) That he choose sales / money over moral. “Republicans buy sneakers too!” & so he wouldn’t support a dignified movement in fear of losing sales.

This bothers me on many levels, but I also know how the media can be in mixing things up. I have done some research, but have yet to be convinced. Other than what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had to say about him. Is there any truth behind this?

If so it would be extremely unfortunate seeing as how he is a role model for most children.


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