Yesterday’s News -Steph B.

Book #1:

afe958fca81faa3b12b4ced466b7fdb9Title: Yesterday’s News (Based on a True Story)

Soundtrack: Hector LavoePERIODICO DE AYER” – YouTube which influenced the title.

“Your love is like yesterday’s news that comes in the morning… all is forgotten by afternoon”


  • It starts with discussing my South Boston “Southie” background & how it was like growing up in Dorchester. I have  lost many people to either the system or the streets; as well as experienced being on both sides of the gun. It speaks about murder, violence, and when loves goes wrong. I also included the time a well-known Patriots football player sued a close friend of my families. All events are based off of real life experiences & of people who I have come to call family. For legal purposes I can’t use original archives as well as names will be changed to protect everyone’s privacy.


  • The book will be dedicated to a close friend of mine that was brutally murdered back in 2009 as well as any & all families who have been effected by gun violence.
  • I have decided that the book will be put up for sale. All proceeds’s will be donated to a youth organization of my choosing.




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