Who am I…

Who am I? My name is Stephanie, I am 26, born and raised in Boston, in August of 1990.  These are the basics, but who am i truly…

They say you are most of what you do. Most days I get lost in my writing, other days I am inspired to draw what I see. Who am i ? A self-proclaimed writer and artist of all kinds. I am many things a daughter, a sister, a friend, an aunt, a mentor, a blogger, a student, a traveler, a entrepreneur of sorts… but mostly I am just me.

Each day I am evolving into who i truly am, each day a new, who am i ? I am me.

Allow me to reintroduce myself,

My name is Stephanie.

I am Me,

& that is enough.



28 thoughts on “Who am I…

    • sbwritingsite says:

      Hello Stephany, it’s nice to meet you! I am fairly new to blogging as well. I started my blog at the end of August this year, but if I had any advice I would say be as true to yourself as you can & you will do just fine. Seems to me you are already on a good foot. You are networking & connecting with people, which is awesome. I wish you the best in this venture & look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. oldpoet56 says:

    Ms. Stephanie, nice to meet you. The best people are the ones who only want to be themselves, to be who they really are. It takes many folks many years to learn the truth behind that simple philosophy, many folks never find that light, that simple truth and they walk their whole life in someone else’s foot prints then upon their deathbeds they realise the sadness that they never lived at all. So, I commend you on finding yourself at such a young age.

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    • sbwritingsite says:

      Thank you for that & your kind words, both were much appreciated! It wasn’t easy coming to the realization. I tried on many different hats & hid behind many masks. I find life much easier this way. Now I need to continue to remain true . Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. Malctg - The Foureyed Poet. says:

    Hi Stephanie. Great to meet you. Tend not to mince my words. No matter who we think we are we all enter and leave this short life span! Writing is my passion keeps me sane and alive. very interested in all thing Paranormal! Conspiracy theories! OFO’s! Observing this crazy violent unstable society! Peace and Best Wishes. #TheFoureyedPoet.

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  3. Sakhi says:

    Hello dear,

    How are you doing ? Great blog you got here. I loved the theme. What’s it’s name ? The color tone is pretty easy on the eyes. The content is great too. I am a aspiring fiction writer. I started this blog in October, and my blog posts started flowing on 15th October almost. Since then I have been able to gather some 3,600 followers. I thought I will never get more than two, that too my friends. I write short story, flash fiction, poetry, article, movie and book reviews, prose and more things. I am working on writing two books currently. I love one thing about blogging community is that it’s very helping and cooperative. Always giving each other a leg up with reblog so and pong backs, or just being guest bloggers on each other’s blog. I myself have been guest blogging and have had guest bloggers on mine. I have been blessed enough to have some collaboration too. As of now I write for a E-Zine named Agnishatdal, a Webzine named Candles Online , a digest named The Millionaires Digest, a book review site called BooknVolume and I am also in collaboration with Madame Roberta Pimental. I am eager to find more people who can collaborate with me and we can help each other out. This is way to grow for them both. I saw your site and wondered if you would like to write post for me or go into collaboration. You will be a regular author till collaboration ends. I don’t have a big protocol to write if you agree. I can mail the details to you if you are interested. Also I will be writing for you as often as you want and follow all your protocol concerning word limit, topic and pictures etc. I would be honoured if you oblige me. After all blogging is all about spreading the word and getting more readers. A writer is never satisfied, he/she wants their work to reach maximum readers. This attempt of mine is a step in same direction. Hope you will reply to my request and let me know the follow up.
    Warm Regards

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      • Sakhi says:

        Hey, thank you for showing interest. It is simple, we exchange email ID’S n send each other add member as author on that email address. After we except it we will be writer’s on each other’s blog. Then through email coordination we can tell each other the protocol for blogging. Like for me there is no word limit, n no topic specification. Write anything you like but decent, add pics of your choice, just put it in Guest Post category. That will be all, and you can post as often as twice a week. Same way you can tell me your protocol and we will have more readers and more following. Happy Blogging and Keep Smiling dear. Will be real happy to collaborate. If you need any further help, feel free to drop me a message. blueindigopink@gmail.com that is my email ID.

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