Reality Show: Concept

I would like to see either a reality television show or a case study done where  “rich” people & “broke” people swap lives. I know something similar was done in other shows, but not quite the same concept in which I am going for.

I am talking stereotypes, a woman who hasn’t had to lift a finger to do anything for herself. One whom has people to cook for her, tend to her children, clean house, etc… Now entering a world where she has to not only cook for herself, but also for a full household; multiple times a day. One who needs to budget on government assistance (food stamps) and rides the bus.

As well as the children, in hopes that the more privileged ones will realize how fortunate they are, learn to appreciate more and not want to take it for granted (assuming they do…again stereotypes.)  The least fortunate ones will realize what they have money can’t buy and that achieving what they want isn’t impossible.

Again, these are stereotypes. Not all rich folks where born that way some strived to get to where they are & I encourage those stories as well. By addressing stereotypes maybe it will help us break free of them. In order to do so, sometimes you literally need to step into someone else shoes & see things from their literal prespective.

A lot can be learned from this …

Random thought.



10 thoughts on “Reality Show: Concept

  1. Ceci says:

    That would make for an interesting show; I’ve seen the basic plot of what you are talking about in Mexican telenovelas (dramas) but it’s all fiction and dramatized for views so it’d be interesting to see how something like that would actually play out

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  2. J L Hunt says:

    Great idea. I saw something similar on the show, “Wife Swap”…Yes, its something that should be done more often…what a more compassionate world it would be! 🙂

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