Love & Hate

There was a little girl named Love
& a little boy named Hate.

Love loved hate, but hate hated love because she loved him so much.

Love was convinced that if hate just got to know love maybe hate wouldn’t hate anymore.

Hate had a friend named Misery who always wanted his company.

Love talked about hate with her friend Hope who had always kept faith .

Love had made it her mission to show hate all the love in the world.

He was resistant at first but in the end it was no battle for love, because love conquers hate every time!

By: Zia Simon

co-author & illustrator: Stephanie Bunting

A friend & I are collaborating on this piece. A short story for children, based on his concept, re-worded by me with illustrations included. I am in love with this concept. Almost feels like poetry.

What do you think? As usual feedback is always appreciated.


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