Letter to myself

It has been awhile since I have been able to free write how I prefer too. Lately, I have been feeling really blessed! In a matter of months my 2016 has done a complete 360. Despite, the amount of adversity & disappoints I have faced this year the end has been very kind to me. In result, I am entering into 2017 with a positive mindset and looking forward to all of what it has to offer to me.

As I said before I have made it into a sort of tradition in writing letters to myself each year. At the start of this year, last year I wrote a letter stating anything and everything I went through in 2015, including feelings and all that I planned to accomplish in 2016. On New Year’s Eve I will open it for the first time. Along with writing a new letter title 2018. I encourage everyone to do so. It has been therapeutic in many ways. The process of letting go has been very revealing & vital to my self development.

p.s. I will share with you details enclosed in the letter after I open it.

I wish you all the best!

Merry Christmas & happy New Year!


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