My writer’s bible (so to speak)


This is the book responsible for me starting a blog. Not only did it plant the seed, but it literally pointed me in the direction of wordpress where the author himself has a blog called the Art of Non-conformity. He also has a book titled $100 start up that is a New York times best seller. He has made a living from writing and traveling and encourages people to do so, or more so follow their own personal pursuits. He has traveled to all of 198 (i believe) countries. He speaks about travel hacking and budgeting. Estimating that you can go anywhere in the world for the maximum of $2,500. He even gives you a break down enabling you to have a new look on money itself. $7 a day for a year will give you $2,555, hence the trip you thought you couldn’t afford. I plan to read this book again as I have done in the past.



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