Journal Entry: Friendships 1/31/17

We are all battling our own demons. I need to stop letting my impressions of others hold unrealistic expectations on our friendships or relationships. However they may be. 

For example: “she is MY best-friend!” 

But she is also a mother, a daughter, a sister, a professional first & foremost.

In your world she is your best-friend and that is a huge deal to you so you hold her on a pedestal. That comes with expectations of her being there for you whenever. 

As her friend though it is your job to understand that she has a life too & accept her or it for what it is. As she does with you. 

For some this concept is easier to comprehend. Juggling family, business, personal, & friendship can become a lot. It is a skill within itself. Usually we just become overwhelmed which causes us to neglect one of these areas. On a priority level friendship tends to fall short naturally. Not that it’s intentional again, we as people, as friends expect our friends to understand. 

We cannot expect our friend to drop what they are doing when they are doing it to be called to the front lines for us on the drop of a hat.

However, if you can find a friend who makes time for you & manages to be there for you still in your time of need when it counts;’despite the daily chaos of ones own life then you have a friend indeed. 

Accept that,

Cherish it;

& don’t take it for granted!


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