Miami Trip (2017)

This past February into early March I went on vacation. My first stop was to Fort Myers to see my two nieces. We went to a place called the Imaginarium which was okay, but got old quickly. The price wasn’t bad but the animals looked half dead & the equipment was fairly old seeing as though it seemingly been around for a while. The best part was the parrot who danced when you sang to it. We sang “Bird is the word.” Thought that was pretty funny. I also seen a cow in its natural environment. A whole field of them. I thought that was pretty awesome.

We stayed at a hotel that shall remain nameless. It looked like some shady business went down there, but seeing as we had a flight at 6 a.m the next morning & spent most of the day/evening with the girls it wasn’t too hard to bare. Just wouldn’t recommend long turn stay. We had a flight in Charollete, N.C. Overall it wasn’t too bad.

The next morning was horrible we had a layover again in Charollete & then Washington D.C. How random? As if it wasn’t bad enough that they had already taken us out of the state just to bring us back into it. We were only going to Fort Lauderdale about 2 hours away. This whole ordeal took about 8 hrs. I got motion sickness, the stewardesses were VERY rude! I will never fly American Airline again!

After get off the plane around almost 3 o’clock in the afternoon we still had to take a 30-45 min. drive over to Miami. To me that was a whole day wasted, but I left it to my sister to book who insisted on arranging the whole thing on her own. I find myself in a lot of situations like that. I’m noticing a pattern. 

Apart from all the delays she changed the hotel at the last minute. I wasn’t at all disappointed with this hotel rather than the location. It was all the way up Collins ave. closest to mid & north beach. About 20 mins down at least from South Beach & all the locations/ events I planned the trip around. 

North beach, I noticed had more seaweed & rocks even. It wasn’t dirty, but compared to south beach end it looked off. There was even an area with over 20 stray cats. It looked rather homely & compared to South Beach where you would find almost all tourists, you ran into a mixed group of locals & tourists. 

We went to a place called the sand bar to “start” the night. Two drinks in my sister was nice. We left & got a bottle that we shared amongst 3 people. Next thing you know my sister was full blown drunk. I’m still not sure how but she almost got alcohol poison & spent the majority of the next day in the bed. I felt so bad & that is an understatement.

I went to the store & got her the hangover survival kit (warm ginger ale, tums, crackers, & Motrin), before I went off exploring by myself. 

That night my sister befriend a “pimp” who I keep a close eye on & I spoke business with a rabbi in an Uber. All things random happened. Including, my sister throwing up on Ocean drive. I felt helpless for both her & I. As well as a bit sad that she didn’t get to have the Miami experience I had in mind for her.

Heading home she assured me she had fun, but I think we were both pretty much over it.
On the plus side I did hit the pool & get some sun; as well as run into an old friend on one of those unnescary layovers. & of course we did get to see the girls. All wasn’t lost this was a vacation neither my sister & I won’t forget.


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