Travel & Fashion

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Miami Trip (2017)

Salem, Mass. Halloween Festivities

New York Caribbean Fest. 16′ (Labor Day)

South Beach Miami

Orlando, Florida

Christmas Time in New York City

Try Something NEW… (Boylston St., Boston,Ma.)

Inspiring Traveler Interview- Liliia from Bring Baby Abroad


Bucket List

Top of the Hub: Prudential Tower (below)

Cape Cod: ^


Halloween Costumes- (movie themed)

Jeremy Scott (new collection) 

Movies that influenced my sense of style (80’s-90’s)

Lady Gaga’s (cookie out the jar)

I need answers!?…Michael Jordan “conspiracy.”

Fashion- clip on bangs


D.I.Y. Ladies

Follow up: D.i.y straw curls

Re-blog: I love her style! check it out!

Photo Editor-

Fun photo editor apps…


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