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Book Worm Check List

Rose, Dreams, & Kindred Spirits.

I know I’m am late, but who has read it?

Le Petit Prince| Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Notes On: 279 days to overnight success by Chris Guillebeau Pt.1: PGs 1-39


The Baby Catepillar 

Find the blessing in each day..

The Lesser of 2 Evils / A woman for President (not Hilary)

The tale of two wolves (one of my favorites)

Struggling to find my balance

A talk with my sister

My Father’s children

Venting (feeling discouraged)

Abracadabra- I create what I speak.

Obvious- Daily Prompt (1st attempt)

This part of my life is called…Insomnia!(My Pursuit of HappYness)

Insomnia Part 2:

Mediocrity does not live here!

New Venture & Ideas


The Secret Power of Mind & D.I.Y. Vision Board